Performance Details

The fifth FRAGMENTS was shown as part of the East London Printmakers 12th Exhibition.

The Triangle Gallery
SPACE, 129-131 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3RH

Thursday 15th July - Monday 19th July 2010

Description of the Work

FRAGMENTS is made in collaboration between Katsura Isobe, a dance artist, and Jairo Zaldua and Nicola Green, experimental printmakers. Originating from a short story, 'Diary of a Madman' by Nikolai Gogol, each artist's interpretation together creates the psycho-physical world of FRAGMENTS, which responds to the architecture of the performance space, and focuses on the experience of viewers.

This Blog

This blog has been created as part of the fifth FRAGMENTS in 2010.

The bolg is a diary of us, which attempt to establish our world by another mean, literature, which will culminate in the performance. The creative team records events and ideas from 100% first-person's point of view. How much does it communicate with you? How can you imagine what I imagine? And how do you know what is the real and what is imagination? We appreceiate your comments that would bring on two ways communication between you and us.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Freedom and Responsibility

Jairo and Nicola are away for their deserved holiday in Cornwall.

I am thinking, how to 'promote' our project.

And this is not only this project but generally my practice as 'Dance Artist'.

'Dance Artist' sounds great but in fact it means the person does all the activities you can think of in dance- creation, choreography, performance, teaching, marketing, fundraising, researching, writing etc. The person is almost like the whole theatre organisation, you know, like Sadler's Wells.

And Dance Artist tend to be self-employed, which means s/he is constantly looking for some idea for a project, looking for a work, and never makes decent income.

But I am not writing this to mourn. I am saying that we have great freedom as well as responsibility with what we do, what happens to us and how we respond.

For me, this idea opens up more possibilities and wider view of an issue. I believe this kind of flexibility in the way of seeing is vital for being an artist. And perhaps to enjoy life.

So anyway, I am becoming more aware of the responsibility in the project and feeling that I have to make more action.

'Experience of the audience' is the largest consideration in FRAGMENTS. We don't want the audience to watch the performance from outside, but they should be part of it.

The audience should be part of creative process.
The audience should affect our creation.
The audience should enjoy themselves.

So we want to make a framework for the 'experience of the audience'.

This blog is one of the attempt.

You can be part of the creative process.
You should affect our creation.
You should enjoy yourself.

By reading and leaving a comment in this blog.

We will do the same.


Erika Pál said...

Hi Katsura, I remember you from last year's performance. You were brilliant, intense and very absorbed. The audience will enjoy themselves no doubt, and will relish their passive role while you are free in what you're doing.

Katsura Isobe said...

Thank you for the comment, Erika. I am flattered...and I would say that everyone should read this and come to our performance...! The wonderful experience is guaranteed. We will announce the dates and times soon.