Performance Details

The fifth FRAGMENTS was shown as part of the East London Printmakers 12th Exhibition.

The Triangle Gallery
SPACE, 129-131 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3RH

Thursday 15th July - Monday 19th July 2010

Description of the Work

FRAGMENTS is made in collaboration between Katsura Isobe, a dance artist, and Jairo Zaldua and Nicola Green, experimental printmakers. Originating from a short story, 'Diary of a Madman' by Nikolai Gogol, each artist's interpretation together creates the psycho-physical world of FRAGMENTS, which responds to the architecture of the performance space, and focuses on the experience of viewers.

This Blog

This blog has been created as part of the fifth FRAGMENTS in 2010.

The bolg is a diary of us, which attempt to establish our world by another mean, literature, which will culminate in the performance. The creative team records events and ideas from 100% first-person's point of view. How much does it communicate with you? How can you imagine what I imagine? And how do you know what is the real and what is imagination? We appreceiate your comments that would bring on two ways communication between you and us.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Jairo and Nicola told me that they wanted to meet up with me. So we met at their studio last Friday morning.

Their studio has huge tables and machinery that they use for printmaking, and also some creative energy with smell of coffee that someone made for her break.

I keep it secret but I saw new printing material from Jairo and Nicola. This changes the whole structure of the installation, and also the way I interact with the installation. And the way the audience interact with it too.

This is the fun bit to work on.

Then we had to talk about the dates, times, helpers, the entrance fee, the bookings...

This is not very much fun to work on.

The project is growing so much. We need kind people who could help us hanging the installation, doing front of house, and creating/editing sound on the spot.

I generally don't like asking people a help.
But this time, we will have to scream



Mina Norouzi Hunt said...

Hallo guys....
this blog looks wonderful and I am happy you are so well organised for you NEW UPCOMING show in July....

I hope you find someone to do your music editing for the show!!! I will listen out until July, there are lots of people I know, but it would have to be some music engineering person.

Katsura Isobe said...

Thanks Mina.

Well we are not very organised yet. We have just started.

We peobably need to be clear about the sound but any suggestion of music person from you is appreciated.

Please keep commenting on this blog to sustain its life.

Robyn Campbell said...

Katsura, you are a stunning performer and I wish I could be there to see you 'dancing with air'... I admire your valuing the audience, and also recognizing their value to the performance. I look forward to reading more on the blog as it progresses. Please keep writing. I am keen to absorb your practice from a distance. Thanks!

Katsura Isobe said...

Hellllooo Robyn,

This is such a present for me to be in touch with you after many years! I am feeling the huge potential of blogs and the internet through this experience. How can we use it to create a performance?

Thanks for your compliments. I don't know if I will be 'dancing with air'. I maybe dancing with dust. I maybe dancing with strips of paper and plastic. And I may just be there without dancing...